Thai financial system stable but could be exposed to global risks

Thailand’s financial system is resilient but stability could be affected by an abrupt change in the global financial market, which warrants close monitoring, the central bank said on Friday.

Potential impacts include deterioration in debt serviceability of households and smaller businesses if the global economy heads into recession and subsequently deters Thailand’s economic recovery, it said in a statement.

The Bank of Thailand’s (BOT) statement detailed the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting between the monetary policy and financial institutions policy committees.

Higher volatility of risky asset and funding costs of the corporate sector arising from global uncertainty could affect financial institutions, it added.

“The committees agree that regulatory authorities must collaborate closely to monitor situations and prepare measures to ensure continued functioning of the financial market in times of stress,” the central bank said.

However, the Thai economy is expected to continue on a steady recovery path and the BOT’s gradual and measured monetary policy tightening has been consistent with the economic environment, it said.

The BOT has raised its key interest rate by 75 basis points in three meetings since August to contain inflation.