Mary D. Hoerr

Apple Computer

Worked there as a contractor. I was still using my maiden name, Skinner. [my copy] [original link]

Wellness Council of Central Iowa

Developed their website, which included forms. I was still using my maiden name, Skinner. [my copy] [current site]

weekly web publication from September 1998 to October 2000

This is a good example of my writing skills and the way I solicit and respond to feedback from visitors. Almost every week for two years, I posted three to five site reviews and a three to several paragraph feature article. The site also provided a site search (using Atomz). [show me]

I initially created this publication as a demonstration for The Mining Company (later to become, to try to get a job there as a web guide. I also tried to make the site self-supporting by trying various affiliate programs, but the best I was able to achieve was recovery of the cost of maintaining the site (mainly ISP fees) and a "wage" of approximately 10 cents an hour. I didn't get a job at The Mining Company, but I did get a web developer position at the Energy Center of Wisconsin.

Since I created this site just as style sheets were starting out (IE 3 and Netscape 4), it uses a simple table-based layout and all formatting uses (mostly deprecated) html tags. I used a variety of methods to get feedback from my visitors, ranging from pop-up feedback forms (from forkinthehead and other sources), to visitor tracking (SuperStats) to polls and regular questions of the month. However, I did not program these myself, other than the html form markup and occassionally setting values in perl scripts written by third parties.