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Well Spoken

Never Confuse a Memo With Reality: And Other Business Lessons Too Simple Not to Know                                                           by Richard A. Moran

1.   Use the word "paradigm" no more than once a week.
2.   Always know how you perform - be honest with yourself and do better next time.
3.   Learn how to make proper introductions and then introduce people properly.
4.   Take a counseling course and develop a "bedside manner" for dealing with clients and   
5.   Be known as someone who enhances customer service.
6.   If your desk faces the door, don't look up every time someone passes.
7.   Rejoice in the successful completion of projects and major activities. Remember how it felt
      to put that calculus text away, knowing you'd never have to open it again. 
8.   As Henry Ford II said, "Never complain, never explain." Be courageous in your business 
9.   Never go to a meeting without your calendar.
10. Focus on the important things to do to help your department or organization be successful.
      Don't focus on the easiest things.


Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference*
Individual Well-Being and Organizational Productivity: Relationships Are the Key
March 6-11, 2000
Colorado Springs, Colorado
American Journal of Health Promotion

Wellness in the Workplace Conference
University of Michigan Health Management Research Center
Reaching One Person at a Time
March 22, 2000
Michigan League
Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of Michigan

Association for Quality and Participation
Performance 2001 - Best Practices in Organizations and Teams
March 27-29, 2000
Disney's Coronado Springs Resort
Orlando, Florida

The Coaching and Mentoring Conference
Proven Skills, Tools and Techniques for Accelerating Individual and Organizational Development
May 1 - 4, 2000
Chicago Marriott Downtown
Chicago, Illinois
Coaching 2000

25th Annual National Wellness Conference*
Pathways to Wellness: Experience the Journey
July 15 -21, 2000
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Campus
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Presented by the National Wellness Institute
National Wellness Institute

*Wellness Council/WELCOA registration discount on national conferences is a membership benefit.

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