Wellness Council of Central Iowa
Promoting healthier work environments through worksite health initiatives.

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What Iowa Well Workplace Companies are saying about us!

The Principal Financial Group - http://www.principal.com 
             Kaye Halvorson, Senior Administrator-Wellness, says: 
"The professional way to bring programs, services and resources to your worksite wellness program!" 

Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. - http://www.Pioneer.com 
       Jill Norris, Preventive Health Services Administrator, Pioneer  
                              Hi-Bred International, Inc., says: 
"The Wellness Council is an excellent resource for any organization wanting to develop and deliver a quality wellness program. We have found the spectrum of programs and services provided as well as the networking opportunities to be very valuable." 

AEGON USA/Life Investors Insurance Company of America - http://www.lifeinvestors.com 
      Tracy Bartlett, Wellness Coordinator, Life Investors Insurance  
                                       Company of America says: 
"Well Workplace offered us a strategic approach to worksite health promotion, enabling us to bring all of the programs and services offered by the company together to make our wellness program a winner!" 

EMC Insurance Companies - http://www.emcinsurance.com 
      Jeff Anderlik, Wellness Director EMC Insurance Companies, says: 
"The  Wellness Council of Central Iowa's programs, workshops, seminars and professional assistance played an important part in helping EMC reach the Bronze Well Workplace designation.  The Wellness Council has been, and will continue to be a valuable asset to EMC's health promotion program." 

Des Moines University - Osteopathic Medical Center - http:www.uomhs.edu 
          Joy Schiller, Wellness Director Des Moines University, says: 
" The Wellness Council has assisted us greatly in the development of an annual operational plan complete with measurable, detailed goals, objectives and evaluation that helps us to work smarter and create results-not simply offering random activities. They have contributed tremendously to our goal of improving the quality of our employees' lives." 


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