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Type Descriptions 
The type page for each specific type does not include a link to a type description unless one has been recommended to me.
The best source I've found for type profiles, including a detailed description of the functions by dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior, is at TypeLogic.  (see link review)
ChrISFJ's Personality Type Pages
Chris started out with pages for ISFJ (his type) and INFJ. Now he has put up a page for each temperament, linking to a page for each type. Each type page includes a summary description of that type, plus a list of links to other popular profiles available on the web. He chooses backgrounds and page schemes carefully to reflect each type, which is half the fun.

Famous People
I have found no site that provides actual MBTI® results for famous people. However, many sites provide their own estimates. Although I don't always agree with what they come up with, one of my favorite is Life Patterns. They have guesstimates of the types of many famous people, ranging from Bill Gates (INTP) to Pope John Paul II (ESFJ), with detailed analysis on how they arrived at their conclusions.

Do you sell over the internet? Or you're thinking of it? This is the single best book I've found on the subject: Make Your Site Sell. I've bought it and read it myself, and have already seen newsletter subscriptions go up. There's even a chapter where he says learning about personality type is a good way to help develop your customer profile. Check out my download site for a free download of part of the book.

How the Type Pages Work 
The column to the right gives you the link to my page for each of the sixteen types. On each page, you will find four different sections: Home Pages; Groups, Clubs, Lists, WebRings ...; Other Resources; Recommend Resources. 
Home Pages 
At least three link reviews of home pages of people who have identified their type on their page. None of my comments are meant to be critical. I just point out aspects of these sites that seem to confirm the listed type. The types have been given by the individuals listed here - they are not my guess. 
Groups, Clubs, Lists, WebRings ...  
Online communities focusing on that type. 
Other Resources  
Articles and other resources for the type are included here.
Recommend Resources  
A popup form where you can let me know about other resources I've missed for that type. Also includes resources recommended to me using that form. 

Type Pages  
e = extraverted, i = introverted

SJ Temperament 
ISTJ Dominant Si, Auxiliary Te, Tertiary Fi, Inferior Ne  
ISFJ Dominant Si, Auxiliary Fe, Tertiary Ti, Inferior Ne  
ESTJ Dominant Te, Auxiliary Si , Tertiary Ne, Inferior Fi 
ESFJ Dominant Fe, Auxiliary Si, Tertiary Ne, Inferior Ti 
SP Temperament 
ISTP Dominant Ti, Auxiliary Se, Tertiary Ni, Inferior Fe  
ISFP Dominant Fi, Auxiliary Se, Tertiary Ni, Inferior Te  
ESTP Dominant Se, Auxiliary Ti, Tertiary Fe, Inferior Ni  
ESFP Dominant Se, Auxiliary Fi, Tertiary Te, Inferior Ni 
NF Temperament 
INFJ Dominant Ni, Auxiliary Fe, Tertiary Ti, Inferior Se 
INFP Dominant Fi, Auxiliary Ne, Tertiary Si, Inferior Te  
ENFP Dominant Ne, Auxiliary Fi, Tertiary Te, Inferior Si  
ENFJ Dominant Fe, Auxiliary Ni, Tertiary Se, Inferior Ti 
NT Temperament 
INTJ Dominant Ni, Auxiliary Te, Tertiary Fi, Inferior Se 
INTP Dominant Ti, Auxiliary Ne, Tertiary Si, Inferior Fe
ENTP Dominant Ne, Auxiliary Ti , Tertiary Fe, Inferior Si 
ENTJ Dominant Te, Auxiliary Ni, Tertiary Se, Inferior Fi 

I follow the practice of considering the tertiary to be the same orientation (introvert or extrovert) as the dominant. Others consider the tertiary to be the opposite orientation from the dominant. For a discussion of the tertiary question by an MBTI practitioner, see past feature Jung's Hierarchy of Mental Functions. The type links below are to my page for each type.