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Official MBTI®

These are the places I know of so far to take the official MBTI® instrument online. None of them are free, and all should include some amount of counselling or guidance on the results (that's what you pay for). Click on the organization name to go to the Net Links page for website where you can get pricing, if available.  
The Delta Associates  
Dragonstrike Systems
Paladin Associates, Inc 

Other Sorters (Free)

Quick Quiz to Get an Idea of Your Type (added 20 Sep 2000)
QuizStop has mainly "just for fun" quizzes on a large range of topics, including a fast and fun intro to finding your type. The principal wrote the questions for this
online Myers-Briggs™ - based quiz.

Company Provides Version of Sorter Online (added 26 Apr 2000)
In The Mood "supplies knowledge workers, multidisciplinary teams, management and OD training professionals with the online tools needed to create effective learning and communications strategies." On their Power Tools page, they provide several on-line personality profilers, including one based on the Keirsey Sorter.

Find out your Communication Style (added 12 Apr 2000)
Straight Talk provides a free online survey to allow you to determine your communication style. It appears based on Myers-Briggs™ type, but I couldn't confirm it from the site alone. They distinguish between your communication style at work and in other environments, like at home. I came out as a "Persuader", with my highest scores on the Director and Harmonizer scales. Sounds ENFJ to me. In one of last year's articles, What Type is this Site, I mused that this site may come across as ENFJ. Perhaps the survey measured the communication style I have when putting together this site every week?

On-Line Sorters and Profiles (added 5 Apr 2000)
Great Inca's Personality Corner has two on-line tests based on the MBTI® instrument, links to profiles, as well as other online personality tests, including the Grace Gift Test, Heroic Myth Index, Enneagram, and others. The reference page includes a great deal of summary information, arranged in tables, about the types, including one-liners and facts.

Functional Preferences Instrument (added 26 Jan 2000)
The editors of The Enneagram and the MBTI -an Electronic Journal (link review at Net Links - epubs) have a web based instrument focusing on functional preferences - that is, the N vs S and T vs F pairs. It does not attempt to determine I vs E or J vs P. Optionally, you can submit your results to them to help in the development of this instrument. It is at: Fudjack/Dinkelaker Functional Preferences Instrument - Short Form 1.1(experimental).

And the Smalley Site Is ... (added 15 Dec 1999, updated 29 May 2000)
When I checked it on 29 May 2000, the site was renamed Smalley Online, and the home page address was slightly different.
The Smalley Relationship Center Web Site provides a very quick "indicator" that gives you a list of attributes by temperament (identified by beaver, otter, lion and golden retriever). 

Word Association to Determine Type (added 15 Dec 1999)
The Watchword Technique is defininitely *not* a quick method to determine type. By filling out word associations and analyzing where they fall on a matrix, you can determine your type, although I wasn't able to. Since I already know my type, it was hard to avoid reading that knowledge back into the matrix. The word associations are also supposed to give you insight into issues that are concerning you at the time you fill it out - I found that to be more helpful in my case. 

Instrument like MBTI® sorter for Visually Impaired (added 1 Dec 1999)
"CogStyle is measure of core personality characteristics using stimuli selected to minimize, if not eliminate, the influence of visual experience on the response." The four traits measured are attitude (extraversion- introversion); approach (data-ideas); focus (things-people); and process (detailed-contextual). Follow the CogStyle link to find a page where you can request access to the instrument from the Neuropsychological Assessment Lab at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas Nevada. 

Chiasson Temperament Indicator (added 24 Nov 1999)  
"This new type of indicator uses psychologist, Carl Jung's, Psychological Types as its theoretical model. It employs the now familiar temperament descriptors made famous by Isabel Meyers and Katharine Briggs." Take the CTI, and compare it with what you already know about your type. An interesting aspect of this indicator is that the succeeding questions differ depending on your previous answers. Read the theory pages to find out why the author has structured the indicator in this way, and what MBTI® problems she hopes to avoid by doing this. 

Lenore Thomson's Questionnaire (added 17 Nov 1999)  
You can take a version of Lenore Thomson's indicator online. Pat Marr has adapted it, with her permission, from her book Personality Type: An Owner's Manual online.(* Buy it at Amazon * Read My Review *) The type descriptions are not completely finished, but you can go through the questions and get the resulting type.  

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II (updated 9 Aug 1999) 
Temperament Sorter copyrighted by David Keirsey in 1998. 70 either-or items, scored immediately at the end of the test. Determine whether you are a Guardian ["SJ"], Artisan ["SP"], Idealist ["NF"], or Rational ["NT"]. Keirsey also has descriptive terms for each four-letter type. For example, I'm a Designer. The sorter is also available online at this site in German, Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian. 

The Keirsey Character Sorter (added Fall 1998) 
The Keirsey Character Sorter is copyrighted by Keirsey in 1997. In Part I, there are 16 items, and each item includes four choices, each of which you are to rate on a scale from 1 to 4. In Part II, there are 20 either-or items, and you are told to skip any hard ones. This also sorts you into the four temperaments above, but there are more statistics, and a bar chart. For example, I'm an NT, with my next closest temperament being SP, then NF, lastly SJ. 

Hale Storm's Test (updated 31 May 1999) 
Hale Storm's test is a four part personality test. In each part, there are two columns listing characteristics. You pick column A or column B for each part. Then you get your four-letter type. 

Duniho and Duniho Life Pattern Indicator (added Fall 1998) 
The Duniho and Duniho Life Pattern Indicator (DDLI) is a computer program you can download that measures for the same 16 psychological types as the Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument. It asks you lots of questions in order to determine your life pattern. "Besides asking questions about E-I, S-N, T-F and J-P preferences, as the MBTI and KBTS do, it also cross-checks by asking questions on IS-ES, IN-EN, IF-EF, IT-ET and Rational-Arational preferences." 

Integrated Psychological Type Indicator (added Fall 1998)  
The Integrated Psychological Type Indicator is from the Socionics site, which calls Socionics "a relatively young and dynamically developing branch of psychology".The items weren't numbered and I didn't count them, so I don't know how many there were. They were all either-or items. The interesting aspect of this test is that it gives a reliability rating. When I took it, my reliability rating was low. 

Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator (added Fall 1998, updated 10 May 2000)  
The Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator can be downloaded or taken on-line. "Currently, the program is a research edition, so it does not provide any interpretation of results, although some brief feedback is available on request. It aims to reflect the extent to which you use each of the Jungian function-attitudes, and those who have some knowledge of Myers Briggs and/or Jung may find it interesting." This is currently my favorite free online sorter.

Metamorphosis: Explore your Destiny (added 1 Mar 1999) 
Metamorphosis is an on-line game to determine type. You are a newly minted android trying to determine who you are. On a series of screens, you are placed in various social situations where you have to make choices. Each page takes a while to load, and there are not enough pages and choices to do a really good job of determining your type, only about two questions per type dichotomy. Although I'm an INTP, I came out as INFJ and INFP: not surprising since those are the two preferences where my preference is less clear. Still, it's a wonderful concept. With more situations and faster download time, it could be a great way to determine type. 

Online Psych (added 8 Mar 1999)  
includes this online test under Mind Games, and also maintains forums on various mental health topics. There is forum dedicated to Jung's psychology (the person who came up with the concept of types), but I could find little there dealing with personality type. The Personality Type Test is much like other online tests, but I thought the questions were better written. Instead of asking generally which you prefer (although the test includes some of that kind of question), there are a lot of questions which give you specific situations to answer.

Other Sorters (Not Free)

Canadian Career Site has On-line Sorter (added 26 Apr 2000)
At the TypeFocus on Careers site, there is not only an online sorter to take: there are also a series of screens to help you decide whether the four letter results are correct. "TypeFocus Internet wants to change people's lives through the power of self-discovery using personality type insights. We bring this information into practical career-focused applications by providing on-line personality assessments and personalized career reports at affordable prices."

The Personality Profiler™ (added 15 Sep 1999)  
Renewal Publishing, which is part of ORA (see link review in Net Links > companies) offers The Personality Profiler™, which may be taken online for a fee of $29.95 as of 15 Sep 1999. This profiler is not the MBTI® instrument: "Using Jung's Type Theory as a foundation, the Personality Profiler unites Psychological Type, Temperament, Trait, and the Five-Factor Model of Personality into a comprehensive survey and Feedback Report." You will get a four letter type, where the J/P preference has been replaced by Z/A, with certain changes in the understanding of what that preference means. Also, each preference pair is further broken down into "facets". For example, T-F facets include Rational-Empathetic, Autonomous-Compassionate, Analytic-Warm and Competitive-Nurturing. Thus it is possible for someone with a strong T preference to still have a score for the Nurturing facet - or for someone with an F preference to have a high score for the Analytic facet.  

The Personality Page (updated 1 Sep 1999) 
Note: The Personality Page has changed its address from to 
The Personality Page is a very attractive site with the primary goal of creating and maintaining an on-line questionnaire which will determine Myers-Briggs™  type with a good degree of accuracy. So far, one person (besides the webmaster) has given me feedback on this site, and recommends it, especially if you have had problems determining your type in the past. Interestingly, his problem was in differentiating N vs S. Others seem to think other Myers-Briggs™ sorters have a tendency to over select N, so it will be interesting to see if this test avoids that. This page is maintained by Brenda Muller (ENFP).  
The Personality Page has now compiled statistics on the people who have taken their questionnaire online. They have information on education level, income, and marital status as well as the frequency of various types. Remember, this data only includes those who took their questionnaire, and doesn't reflect the population at large. Lots of data on people with S function preferences - which is often missing on-line. 

Humanmetrics (added Fall 1998)  
Humanmetrics offers a free 72 question yes-no test to determine your Myers-Briggs™ type on-line. This test provides degree of each preference: thus, I am a very expressed introvert, a moderately expressed intuitive, a distinctly expressed thinking, and a distinctly expressed perceiving personality. For $3, you and your mate each take the test, and then receive matching indices, and proposals on the best behavior in marriage for your particular pair. Symon Kerbel from Humanmetics tells me "The test has been validated by Family Consultants and [is] especially valuable for match-making services." I haven't done the for-pay analysis.  

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