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This is where the link reviews go after they've been on This Week. Click on a category for a page with past link reviews in that category. Or click on Search to find link reviews or features containing particular words. 

nonEnglish resources (updated 2 Aug 2000)
Looking for a type or temperament-related sorter in German? Finnish? How about Myers-Briggs™ sites with information in Croatian or Spanish? There are 17 link reviews covering sites with type-related info in ten different languages. French and Spanish have the most listed sites so far.
Online Communities (updated 2 Aug 2000)
Want to talk to other people with the NT temperament? How about folks who prefer S? Maybe you're not sure of one or more of your preferences and would like to talk about that? Here are 12 link reviews that will help you find a bulletin board or list to talk about your favorite Myers-Briggs™ subject.
Careers (updated 2 Aug 2000)
What careers do people with your type preferences tend to end up in? How can you create a job search plan that takes into account your type preferences? What career-related blind spots may a person with your type preferences have? Seven link reviews help you find information that may help you in your career search or planning.
Tests (updated 2 Aug 2000)
This is one of the most popular areas of this site. Although many people call them tests, they're not really - since there are no right or wrong answers. Yes, you can find the official MBTI® instrument on the internet, but not for free. Here you can find link reviews of five sites that provide the MBTI® instrument online, 17 sites that provide free sorters based on the MBTI® instrument, and four sites that provide sorters based on the MBTI® instrument that are not free.
Teaching (updated 9 Aug 2000)
What are the learning styles of people with the different type preferences? How should you teach theory to someone with a sensing preference? How can you demonstrate or understand the differences between S and N, T and F and so on? What study advice is available to the different types? Does Attention Deficit Disorder have any relation to type preferences? This page contains 27 link reviews to sites that discuss how type affects the way teachers teach and students learn.
Business (updated 9 Aug 2000)
How do you sell to people with different type preferences? How can type be used and misused in hiring, firing and team building? Is there a relationship between type preferences and leadership style or management style? How about type and entrepreneurship? This page contains 34 links reviews of sites that discuss how people apply type at work and in selling, including links to online articles by Fast Company and Inc magazine.
Companies (updated 9 Aug 2000)
Would you like someone to present a seminar on type for your company? How about team building exercises? Perhaps you would like to have the MBTI® instrument administered to some of hte folks in your company or organization. Or maybe you just want to take the MBTI® instrument yourself, online or offline. This page contains 43 link reviews of for-profit organizations which provide some or all or their services using type theory.
NonProfits (updated 9 Aug 2000)
Is there a type-related organization near you? There are nonprofit organizations that refer you to type professionals, provide information and books, and hold conferences on various type related subjects. This page contains links reviews of 8 type organizations and nonprofits on the web, and occasionally has information on upcoming conferences.
Research (updated 16 Aug 2000)
Want to find research on type and computer professionals? Type and eating disorders? And handwriting? Birth order? Entrepreneurs? Thirty-six link reviews of sites ranging from in-depth scientific studies to just-for-fun informal surveys.
Spirituality (updated 16 Aug 2000)
How can type be used in the context of various religious traditions, ranging from born-again evangelical Christians, to main-stream Christians, to eastern religions and wicca? Is type theory even compatible with Christianity? How about some type related devotions? Eighteen link reviews of sites that relate spiritual experiences and knowledge to type.
Books (updated 16 Aug 2000)
Links to for 21 type-related books I have read, including my reviews of 12 of them, and link reviews of the 11 of them that have related web sites. Also included are links for another 21 type related books I haven't read yet. And since you can recommend books that are not type related, you can browse through a list of 7 type-related and 13 non-type related books recommended by visitors to this site. And you can recommned a book too!

Articles (updated 16 Aug 2000)
Short summaries of eleven on-line articles that I paid to read on-line. My favorite was about Minneapolis Police Chief Robert Olson, an ENTP how had insights on how his type effected the way he did his job.
E-Pubs (updated 23 Aug 2000)
Looking for articles on type-related subjects? Here are articles from on-line periodicals ranging from regularly updated type publications, such as the NF journal, to regular type columns in other publications, such as Energy Medicine Online, to the occassional type-related article in other publications, such as InfoWorld. Eleven link reviews of sites that regularly or occasionally run type-related articles on-line.
Fun(ny) (updated 23 Aug 2000)
Looking for the link to those "prayers by type"? You'll find links to the prayers in English and French. Here you'll find links cartoons, games, and spoofs on type and the MBTI. Also included are discussions on type and Blake's 7, Star Trek and the X-Files. Twenty-six link reviews of sites that'll leave you smiling.
Etc. (updated 23 Aug 2000)
If it doesn't seem to belong in any of my other categories, try here. There are link reviews on the Skeptics Dictionary entry on type, on writing style and type, parenting, libertarianism, pets, sports training and more. Forty-one link reviews of sites I couldn't fit into any of my other categories.

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