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Mary Hoerr, November 29, 2000  

Recently I got an email from an INTP describing the unique experience of being in a room with several other INTPs. Needless to say, that doesn't happen very often. However, even though we're statistically rare, when I look back over almost twenty years of work history, I find that I've quite often worked around other NTs. I've tended to work around scientists, engineers, and computer people.
Although SJ's are supposed to be the majority, in my work history they have tended to be over in "Admin" while I worked among the scientists or programmers. Interestingly enough, understanding type has helped clarify a lot of the issues I saw come up over and over between "admin" and "the engineers." The engineers didn't appreciate the extra work they made for Admin when they constantly ignored the rules, and they acted as if Admin was a necessary evil. Admin was too picky and kept getting in the way of getting work done. Pretty clear NP/SP vs SJ clash.
Of course added to that is that the engineers were predominately T males and Admin was predominately F females. Sometimes I wonder how R&D or Engineering ever manages coexist in a business structure at all.
Enough of my musings: what about your experiences? Are there a lot of others of your type at your workplace? Have you had the experience of suddenly being a minority type or temperament when you're used to being the majority, or vice versa?

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