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Adventure Associates, Inc. (added 17 Nov 1999) 
Adventure Associates, Inc.: Corporate Training & Team Building provides exercises ranging from rope climbing to indoor rock climbing, to an MBTI Organizational Effectiveness Workshop. They have the participants complete the MBTI® instrument ahead of time. Then, at the workshop, they go through a number of exercises to help the participants both understand and identify their types. Only then do they look at the data from the Indicator. They recommend combining the MBTI® workshop with other team building exercises. 

Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (added Fall 1998) 
According to Katherine Benziger, Ph.D., there are physiological bases for the four functions (N,S,T,F), and the two orientations (I-E). Consistently using the function that is not our dominant leads to measurable physiological symptoms (such as fatigue). Dr. Benziger uses the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment to determine your true type, and whether you are falsifying type. 

The Brain Type Institute (added Fall 1998) 
According to Jonathan P. Niednagel, your type can be determined by evaluating motor skills. His video assessment to determined type requires you to answer a set of questions while having someone videotape you. The questions themselves will be familiar to anyone who has read much about Myers-Briggs™ typing or taken any kind of type or temperament sorter. Niednagel expects eventually to be able to determine type through the use of genetic testing of blood samples. 

Brock Associates (added 1 March 2000)
specializes in practical applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI® ) framework with their FLEX products in sales, communication, teamwork and health care. They apply knowledge of type to help people customize their approaches according to type. There is also an online survey for physicians for research they are conducting on type and health care. Susan Brock's article, Talk to Me in My Language about adjusting selling approach to type, is available at the TypeWorkS site, and was reviewed in Type Links > business).

Business Development Testing, Inc. (added 3 May 1999, updated 13 Sep 2000) 
provides training and testing to entrepreneurs. Principal Molly Stuart is licensed to administer the MBTI® instrument. The cost to take the MBTI® instrument was $29.95 as of 3 May 1999. As of 13 Sep 2000, this site no longer offers the MBTI® instrument but the Personality Profiler™ from ORA (see link review below).

Career Development, Inc. (added Fall 1998) 
A training and consulting firm specializing in business communications. One of their workshops is "Type Preferences and Team Performance". The participants take the MBTI® instrument, then use the results to provide insight into team dynamics and interpersonal issues. Use of type probably also figures in several of their other course offerings. 

Career Life-Skills Resources Inc (added 12 Jan 2000)  
located in Canada, specializes in tools for personal, professional, counselling and organizational development featuring, among others, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, the Strong Interest Inventory, FIRO-B, COP System and True Colors. Their list of MBTI® resources provides very detailed descriptions of each book or resource. I also found interesting the detailed description of how one would use the various MBTI® "steps".

Career Management International, Inc. (added Fall 1998) 
This company came up with Kingdomality as "a fun way to gain a broader understanding of the basic complementary personality styles and types that help determine each individual's vocational interests." They provide human resource services including "outplacement, relocation counseling and facilitation, employee assistance programs, management interventions and team building. 

CC&S Management Consultants (added 15 Mar 2000)
"is dedicated to support teams and their coaches by guiding and facilitating them to become a successful organization where people want to work." One aspect of their services includes using the MBTI® instrument. They are headquartered in the Netherlands, and their site is available in English and Dutch.

Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc (added Fall 1998, updated 7 Jun 2000) 
CPP is the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument, Strong Interest Inventory (TM), FIRO (TM), and the CPI (TM). If the main page is busy, you may be able to access the site through the Site Map

Credo California (added 23 Feb 2000) 
Mike and Debby Williams are certified by the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME), to lead Marriage Enrichment events. One of their tools is the MBTI® instrument: "Rather than expecting their partner to "be like them" or "mind read," the spouse learns how to communicate in a langueage their partner can relate to. Also, barriers to clear communication are removed allowing for constructive discussions as opposed to destructive arguments."

The Delta Associates (added Fall 1998) 
The mission of The Delta Associates is to develop breakthrough human resource and organizational strategies that enable organizations to produce results and achieve their goals. You gotta like a site that has an article called Dilbert vs. Stephen R. Covey: The Workplace Guide to Effectiveness, Life, and Meaning at Work 

Dragonstrike Systems (added 22 Sep 1999)  
is a systems contracting house that covers "a large area of the systems field, from analysis to project management and development, education and research." Besides Web design, Java development and Oracle deployment, they also provide Education and Training services, including MBTI® evaluation. They provide the MBTI® instrument online, including a fee of CN$38.75 (approx. US$25) for evaluation of the results. 

Forever ... The Relationship Company (added Fall 1998) 
is a dating service on the web that uses the MBTI® instrument. Sounds like a good idea, in theory. Some dating tips on the site that don't seem type-related. 

Healthtype (added Fall 1998) 
is a company which applies knowledge of Myers-Briggs™ type to developing a fitness program. They provide general guidelines based on type on their site. More detailed information in provided in their workshops and materials for sale.  

High Performing Systems, Inc. (added 1 Feb 1999)  
Dick Thompson, Ph.D., who has come up with the Commuication Wheel (TM) describes research about the type "languages" that we speak. "To assess the actual language spoken by the participants, each was observed and rated on a set of objective criteria while introducing themselves at the beginning of the training session. Each participant responded to the following questions; Name, Job, Place of Birth, Current Residence, Family, Hobbies & Interests and Greatest Leadership Challenge. Participant responses ranged from approximately two-seven minutes in length. The questions predisposed responses based on Sensing (name, job, etc.), iNtuiting (hobbies & interests, greatest challenge), Thinking (following the introduction format, logical responses) and Feeling (family, interests, leadership challenge)." This is not an easy read, but a good description of actual research into communication styles by type. 

Humanmetrics (added Fall 1998) 
offers a free 72 question yes-no test to determine your Myers-Briggs™ type on-line. This test provides degree of each preference: thus, I am a very expressed introvert, a moderately expressed intuitive, a distinctly expressed thinking, and a distinctly expressed perceiving personality. For $3, you and your mate each take the test, and then receive matching indices, and proposals on the best behavior in marriage for your particular pair. Symon Kerbel from Humanmetics tells me "The test has been validated by Family Consultants and [is] especially valuable for match-making services." I haven't done the for-pay analysis.  

Insights Training & Development Ltd  (added 5 Jul 1999) 
is an International Training organisation with its head office in Dundee, Scotland. Their focus appears to be more on the eight Jungian types than on the Myers-Briggs™ types. They have an active site with a forum, newsletter, and free sample reports. I particularly liked the sample personal report (available in six languages, including Finnish), which appeared to be based on an ISFJ type. 

The Institute for Type Development (ITD) (added 25 Jan 1999)  
is an Australian leading provider of Training and resources for Psychological Type, Personality Type, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument and Temperament Theory that publishes an on-line newsletter, and the August 1998 newsletter included the newest language guidelines for MBTI® practitioners. I'm going to study them and make sure I follow their guidelines for the most part, although I'm not certified to administer the MBTI® instrument. A very important point: "One must always express terms in such a way as to convey the concept of preferences and not hard - and fast categories. ... correct - Feeling types, incorrect - Feelers." It may seem a minor difference, but Feeling types describes one aspect of a person, Feeler makes it sound like the only important aspect of the individual is their Feeling preference. One other guideline I don't like as much. I'll discuss my thoughts in this week's feature: Talking about Type. 

Interpersonal Technology Group, Inc. (added 11 Jan 1999, updated 24 May 2000)  
Although the ITG website is still there, they no longer seem to have any articles online.
January 4, 1999, I reviewed Please Understand Me II, which associated Tactical intelligence as the forte of SP's, strategic for NT's, diplomatic for NF's and logistical for SJ's. Then this week, I came across a company that relates that idea to a practical situation. In Maslow's Hierarchy: A Fresh View of I/S Training's Customer Relationships, Chester Delaney describes how the I/S professional's relationship with customers must move from tactical (Fix it now!) to strategic to diplomatic. And here is Delaney's view of theory, from his first issue of the bi-monthly essay letter of the ITG Trainers Forum, (part of ITG):  
...theory provides the foundation upon which action rests. It is an efficiency tool, furnishing a framework for making decisions and setting priorities. It shapes both behavior and perception (doing this last, indeed, to a fault if one is not careful.) Devoting a reasonable amount of time to theoretical considerations, then, is a very practical thing to do.  
ITG, which stands for Interpersonal Technology Group, Inc., uses various tools, including an understanding of Myers-Briggs™, in their work. One of their I/S Effectiveness Programs is called Using Myers-Briggs to Improve Teamwork & Collaboration in I/S. (added 20 Sep 2000)
Michael Covel tells me that is the first company to have gone through the Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc (
Net Links > companies) approval process to put the MBTI® instrument online (as of this date, the price for taking the instrument at this site was $99 USD). The site also includes lists of possible career choices by type, types of famous people, and short descriptions of each of the eight preferences (E, I, S, N, T, F, J and P) and of each of the sixteen types. The tricky part of administering the MBTI® instrument online is how to manage personalized feedback. This site includes "Individual introductory voice interpretation" and "Online group interpretation to allow feedback via email chat that discusses exercises and examples" to deal with that issue.

Lakin Associates (added 10 May 1999)  
provides psychological services to address business needs, including other assessments besides the Myers-Briggs™. I thought the idea of workshop on MB type differences built around a cooking class was neat. In the course of cooking something, people learn to observe and appreciate type differences. What a great idea! 

Leadership Dimension (added 11 Jan 1999)  
is a company that provides "premier resource development for personality type-temperament specialists . . . counselors*trainers*consultants*educators*clergy*philosophers." This site includes a quick test you can take to determine your type. Then, they will email three documents: a detailed profile of your 4-letter type, a description of your "mating" style, and a description of your "leadership" style, the latter two based on your two-letter temperament. I took the test, and found the profiles to have some different information than other profiles, although still in keeping with the Myers-Briggs™ system. They also have some quick, easy to read descriptions that may help people having trouble telling apart the functions. And most intriguing to me, they have developed the Insight Game (there is a board game and a computer version) you can use to determine your type, instead of the usual questionnaires. It's a bit expensive to me, so I didn't try it.

Life Patterns (added 17 Nov 1999) 
has guesstimates of the types of many famous people, ranging from Bill Gates (INTP) to Pope John Paul II (ESFJ). 

No More Boring Conferences (added 15 Mar 1999, updated 6 Sep 2000) 
This company provide conferences on topics dealing with communication. Many of their topics incorporate a knowledge of MB type. They have a list of articles in their Reflections section, updated every two weeks, some of which deal with type, such as "Maybe they're not being deliberately difficult?" New additions include: Who cares what type you are? (Understanding the J/P difference), Extraverts and Introverts: Is talk Cheap or Charming?, Personality Clashes Resolved: When Feeling Meets Thinking!

Om Kaul Associates Pvt. Ltd. (added 12 July 2000) 
which is based in Mumbai, India, provides a number of consulting services. Dr. Om Kaul is also an accredited trainer on MBTI® system of Personality measurement.

Organizational Renewal Associates (ORA) (added 15 Sep 1999) 
applies knowledge of type and other personality factors to the business setting. "At Organizational Renewal Associates (ORA) we believe the key to a shared vision -- and achieving organizational goals --  is appreciating and understanding the individuals who compose the organization."  

Otto Kroeger Associates (updated 3 May 1999) 
I already have a short review of Otto Kroeger's and Janet Thuesen's book Type Talk at Work in Net Links > books. Type Talk was one of the first books on type I read. I've also been following with interest as Otto Kroeger Associates has developed their web site. They've got a lovely site now, with a Newsletter, Guest book and now, Talking Type, where they publish type-related articles on their site. In the current article, which gives some of the basics of typewatching, they give a warning we all should heed: "... any typewatching hypothesis, even if based on the soundest of systems and shrewdest of observations, is nothing more than a fantasy of the typewatcher." The only way to be sure of someone else's type is to talk to them and get their input and validation. They are one of only six organizations which can provide qualifying workshops for administering the MBTI® instrument. 

Oxford Psychologist's Press (added 24 May 1999) 
is a publisher of psychometric tests in the UK. In 1996 they "undertook a massive project to develop a version of the MBTI that would be as accurate as possible for European English speaking groups, to measure the instruments reliability and validity in the UK and to provide representative UK Type Tables, while still preserving the integrity of the original instrument." They also provide training leading to certification to administer the MBTI® instrument, among many other services. (added 15 Mar 1999) 
New Look for Tiegers: what started out as a site built around their books has developed into a site with an active bulletin board, a chance to participate in research questionnaires, and the ability to query experts on a variety of type related questions. 

Personal Potential (added 8 Sep 1999) 
provides career management services using personality type and several other factors. The site is available in Spanish and Dutch as well as English. They also have some interesting correlations between type and entrepreneurship, charisma, being a team player, and other career-related characteristics.  
"On Personal Potential's website, you can determine on-line your success-factors and consequently get an impression of your potential and self-image. Having received your results, you can find the answers to important FAQ's concerning your personality. The report PPA Personal - acting as a sophisticated career management tool - provides you with a sound career advice, guarantees an effective approach of the labour market, whilst giving you both the tools to create a highly distinctive CV and the ingredients to write a convincing application letter." 

Psychometrics (added 12 Jul 1999) 
is one of Canada's leading publishers of tests and assessment services for business, education and government. They provide the MBTI® instrument materials to those qualified to administer them. They have a French section: section francaise. 

Polaris Associates, LLC (added 31 May 1999) 
They provide "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® feedback reporting software and tools for personal and organizational Values." Among their products are a Personality Profile Reporting System and Personality One-to-One software, which compares and contrasts two personality types. There are also a number of other products. Just remember, you need to be certified before you can administer the MBTI® instrument. 

Renewal Publishing (added 15 Sep 1999) 
which is part of ORA offers The Personality Profiler™, which may be taken online for a fee of $29.95 as of 15 Sep 1999. This profiler is not the MBTI® instrument: "Using Jung's Type Theory as a foundation, the Personality Profiler unites Psychological Type, Temperament, Trait, and the Five-Factor Model of Personality into a comprehensive survey and Feedback Report." You will get a four letter type, where the J/P preference has been replaced by Z/A, with certain changes in the understanding of what that preference means. Also, each preference pair is further broken down into "facets". For example, T-F facets include Rational-Empathetic, Autonomous-Compassionate, Analytic-Warm and Competitive-Nurturing. Thus it is possible for someone with a strong T preference to still have a score for the Nurturing facet - or for someone with an F preference to have a high score for the Analytice facet. 

Sage Developmental Resources (added 28 October 2000)
is a Canadian company which provides Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Testing and Training to increase personal and organizational effectiveness. Pick the amount of info you want on any given type: there's a four-page profile, an 80-page book, and another booklet that lies somewhere in between for each type.

Team Craft Inc. (added 29 Sep 1999) 
focuses on "helping companies build and utilize powerful teams that are their greatest asset." They have several InterActive Teams activities, including Do a Personal Behavior Style Program (DiSC or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). 

Team Technology (added Fall 1998) 
This is a "training consultancy that specialises in team building, leadership development and interpersonal skills training" that use the MBTI® instrument as one of their major tools. I liked the article on extraversion, although it struck me as being more about the usefulness of Myers-Briggs™ typing than anything else. Steve Myers compares using type to using a word like "angry" to describe how someone is feeling. It can be very useful to know that someone is "angry" but that doesn't come close to describing exactly how the person feels. Similarly, knowing someone is certain type certainly tells us useful information about that person, but does not come close to describing everything we may need or want to know.  

Temperament Research Institute (TRI) (updated 3 May 1999) 
"Temperament Research Institute is an alliance of professionals who believe in the esential value of personality diversity. We are committed to improving the quality of life of individuals and organizations through the use of the TRI Methodology." They provide temperament-based training, workshops, and products. Founded by Linda Berens, INTP, there are several interesting articles available on-line. The article on how to tell extraverted sensing (ESFP, ESTP dominant Se or ISFP, ISTP auxiliary Se) from Intuition discusses a common problem with type. They are one of only six organizations which can provide qualifying workshops for administering the MBTI® instrument.  

Linda Tobey (added 18 Jan 1999)  
is a Life Coach and Personal Facilitator. One of the many tools she uses is knowledge of type. Rather than tell people what they can or cannot do, she uses a knowledge of a person's type to tailor a program to help them reach their own goals. Check out her article Professional and Personal Coaching with Type, published in APT Bulletin of Psychological Type, Vol 21, No 5, Late Summer, 1998, where she gives specific coaching examples, involving an ISTJ, an ESFP, an INTJ and an ENFP.  

The True Colors Communications Group (added 15 Feb 1999)  
uses color as a tool to communicate the differences in temperament. SJ is Gold, SP is Orange (or Red), NF is Blue and NT is Green. They have a message board that currently has some threads about using TV and storybook characters to illustrate temperament. You might also want to look at a previous review describing a color temperament program at a school: Type Goes to School, from the TypeWorkS newsletter, reviewed in Net Links>Teaching.

TypeFit (added 17 Nov 1999)  
is a service offered by Dr. Howard Farkas, a clinical psychologist with 20 years of 
experience in the field. The site walks you through four pages describing each type pair. Then it brings up a short type description. You can go back and forth, changing selections, until you get a type description that you think fits. Once you have determined your type, you can order a two page Career Planning Profile based on your type for $14.95, as of 11/11/99. I didn't order one, because I usually only check out the free stuff. The Career Planning Profiles are produced by the authors of Do What You Are, this month's featured book. You may also want to check out other link reviews related to job search on my site at Net Links > research. 

TypeLogic (added Fall 1998) 
Want to review the types? The best source I've found for type profiles, including a detailed description of the functions by dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior, is at TypeLogic 

Type Resources, Inc. (updated 3 May 1999) 
is a trade name for Effectiveness Enhancement, Inc. This company provides workshops, consulting services, books and materials. They "provide individuals and organizations the capability to be more effective, more aware of themselves, and more respectful of others." Two of the Trainers/Associates of Type Resources are the authors of I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You, Roger R. Pearman and Sarah C. Albritton, which I reviewed. Their site contains information on their workshops and other products and services. It looks like they plan to add online newsletters and a bulletin board too. They are one of only six organizations which can provide qualifying workshops for administering the MBTI® instrument. 

Frank Whyte (added 1 Sep 1999)  
is a qualified user of the MBTI® instrument who provides Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator® instrument Training in the Washington DC / Baltimore Maryland area. He has short, practical, to the point descriptions of what MBTI® training can and can't do for business. 

Zeisset Associates (added 3 May 1999) 
is a company which provides "training for effective use of MBTI in business, education, and religious settings." They are one of only six organizations which can provide qualifying workshops for administering the MBTI® instrument.

MBTI and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. Myers-Briggs is a trademark of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.

On-Line Database of Certified MBTI Practitioners  
(added 20 Oct 1999) 
The Association for Psychological Type (Links - nonprofits) provides a referral network of certified MBTI Practitioners. They now provide a searchable version of the database on-line. 

MBTI Software  
(added 31 May 1999) 
From time to time, people ask me if they can get software to help generate MBTI feedback and profiles. So far, I have identified three companies that provide this, all reviewed below. Just remember, you need to be certified before you can administer the MBTI.  
High Performing Systems Inc.  
Their software is called Communication Wheel.  
The Leadership Dimension  
They have a package called Insight Professional Edition.  
Polaris Associates, LLC  
Personality Profile Reporting System, others.  


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